4 Things Most People Don't Know About Sleeping Healthy

Sleepless. Anyone who's spent the night tossing and turning knows the negative effects of poor sleep. Sleep problems have become a modern phenomenon that takes a tremendous toll on our bodies and minds, demonstrated by the unprecedented 50% increase in the use of prescription sleep aids among adults under age 45 from 1998 to 2006.

But there's more...

What you may not realize is that poor sleep caused by an uncomfortable mattress robs you of your sleep AND deprives you of your long-term health. Recent studies associate lack of sleep with serious health problems like increased risk of depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Finding the right mattress is more important than ever. Dedicated to helping you sleep well, The Mattress at are ergonomically engineered to give the support and comfort your body needs for a healthy night's rest.

So What Are The Four Elements of Good Sleep?

If your mattress doesn't provide each of these aspects, you may be stuck in an unhealthy sleep pattern.

  • Active Support: Allows your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position
  • Body Support: Provides proper body support; is sensitive to the body's contours and helps to reduce movement during sleep
  • Weight Distribution: Supports varying degrees of weight with consistent firmness
  • Pressure Equalization: Equalizes pressure points creating balanced support from head-to-toe

The sleep experts at MattressHouse ensure that we help you choose the right mattress with these four elements in mind. We promise.

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James D. | Miami, FL
Just a note to say that the mattress I bought from you guys four years ago has held up perfectly during that time, and is by far the best mattress I've ever owned.
Mogul Cure. | Miami, FL
As I mentioned, a friend who has a back problem took a nap on it and said that unlike his regular mattress, his back didn't bother him while he was on it. The other memory-foam mattress that I mentioned owning didn't hold a candle to the smartmattres as it sagged within a a couple of years.
Ramon Ruiz | Miami, FL
My son loves his mattress so much, that he calls it his slice of heaven!
Felipe Canova. | Hialeah, FL
After working with the Highway Patrol, I injured my back very substantially. Now that I am using the memory foam mattress, I am able to sleep better through the night and wake up with my back feeling good again.